3 Fishing Tips For Riverfront Vacation Rentals


A riverfront vacation not only gives you a lot of ways to enjoy the views and sounds from the natural flowing waters, but you can take advantage of the close-up water to enjoy some fishing. When you have a riverfront vacation extended stay, you have the opportunity for a lot of fishing and some unique ways to enjoy the water. 

If you do plan to fish while on vacation, check out these tips to get the most out of your trip and help catch as many fish without any problems along the way.

1. Look For Local Bait Shops Nearby 

Some of the best ways to fish in freshwater rivers is with live bait. Instead of packing bait before your trip, do a little research on the riverfront property you plan to stay at. In many cases, you have the opportunity to find a local bait shop that will offer up fresh night crawlers, shiners, and other live bait.

The live bait can last throughout your whole vacation and give you the opportunity to catch a variety of fish. The bait shops may also include other fishing supplies like extra line, hooks, or brand-new reels.

2. Use Minimal Sinkers

When you fish in a river, you may want sinkers to help cast out further, but you should limit the number of sinkers you use. On the rocky bed of a river, the sinkers can often become jammed in rocks and create snags as the current pushes the line down the water.

When you go to book your vacation stay, you could see how deep the river is in the area where you stay. If needed, you could wade right into the water and ensure your line doesn't snag or snap due to the sinkers.

3. Fish Upstream 

While it may seem natural to cast downstream in a river, you may find more success when you cast upstream. Cast as far upstream as you can. As your line moves down with the current, fish will see the bait get carried along and may try to bite right at the worm and hook. The upstream casts work for a number of different fish, including smallmouth bass.

The more you fish at the vacation rental, the better locations you will find to cast at. You will learn the different directions the current goes and how to take full advantage of the water.

Check out all the fishing options available the next time you book a riverfront vacation rental.


24 May 2023

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